ALC call for adoption of Global Data Standards

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The Australian Logistics Council has released a discussion paper, outlining the freight and logistics industry’s thinking on the many benefits that improving data collection and use can provide not only for the industry, but also the nation.

The discussion paper is called A Common Data Set For Our Supply Chain, and it reflects much of what was discussed at the ALC’s recent Supply Chain Technology Summit.

‘Plainly, technology and data will play a pivotal role in in the future operation of Australia’s supply chains, allowing Australia to meet its rapidly growing freight task more safely and efficiently,’ said ALC’s Interim CEO, Lachlan Benson.

‘However, to make certain that happens, there is a significant amount of work to be done to improve the quality and availability of data available to policy makers and industry participants regarding the operation and performance of our supply chains.’

‘An industry pilot study estimated that the overall economic benefit to Australia through widespread adoption of GDS could exceed $1 billion.’

‘As this Discussion Paper shows, the more effective application of data and technology in our supply chains will ultimately enhance productivity for freight logistics operators, and deliver real benefits for consumers.’

iMOVE has also been a strong advocate for the the immense value that improving supply chain data can provide for Australia, covered in our article, Where’s my box? The case for improved supply chain visibility. Now!

Download the paper

Click the link here to download a copy of the ALC’s discussion paper, A Common Data Set For Our Supply Chain.

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