Artists reveal the beauty of science

Epiphany's Genesis by Skunk Control. Image provided by Museums Victoria

A stunning new experience, fusing science and art will open in July 2017 at Scienceworks.

Eleven experimental artists are creating an immersive experience with other-worldly aesthetic and dramatic optical illusions, expected to draw new audiences of adults and teens as well as families.

LightTime, opening 1 July 2017, is an early initiative in Museums Victoria’s reimagining, encouraged by the appointment of new CEO Lynley Marshall.

“We are opening up the museums and all they have to more people, more often in new ways,” she said.

“We are in an exciting process of exploration and expansion, rethinking what museums do and how our visitors engage with us. We are looking forward to sharing more of the ideas that are being generated in the coming months.”

LightTime includes an infinity room that will challenge your sense of space, a light box that explores kinetics of motion, and a light pool using multiple lenses to reflect artificial cloud.

Artists include Kit Webster, creator of Axiom which wowed audiences at White Night; MindBuffer, who will animate a massive laser display, and Skunk Control, a group of engineers and scientists from Victoria University who communicate science through art.

The combination of art and science is a new frontier for Scienceworks, said Dr Nurin Veis, Manager, Scienceworks.

“LightTime is a different experience for Scienceworks. By merging science with art, we hope to unveil some of the fascinating intricacies of light, sound and optics and to show the connections between the beauty we experience and the science that enables it. This exhibition will be illuminating for the spirit as well as the mind and we think it will bring a whole new audience to be inspired by the impact of science and technology.”

A program of new initiatives will be launched later in 2017, with interactive programs to engage a range of people in new ways.

For adult adventurers, there will be NightLight an after hours event at LightTime on Friday 18 August 2017.

Source: Museums Victoria

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