Australian first digital degree to help tackle cancer

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A new specialist university Masters degree will upskill researchers and professionals working in the cancer field, and has been developed with the support of the Victorian Government.

Victorian Parliamentary Secretary for Health Anthony Carbines launched the University of Melbourne Master of Cancer Sciences Course, in partnership with the Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre Alliance.

The Victorian Government provided $600,000 towards the development of the Masters degree, which will be delivered through an online suite of graduate programs in cancer research, education and care.

It is the first cancer-specific online Masters program in Australia for health professionals who care for cancer patients, and just one of two in the world.

The part-time digital format ensures busy health professionals can juggle their workload, no matter where they live.

The first intake of 41 students includes 26 from Victoria, 14 from other states and one from outside Australia.

The program places the Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre as a leading centre of excellence in cancer teaching and learning, here in Australia and internationally.

Source: Vic Government

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