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Born or Built? Our Robotic Future is coming to Scienceworks in April 2021

Our Robotic Future

What makes us human? Are humans living machines? Could a robot ever fall in love? Should we reprogram our DNA?

An exhibition exploring the blurred lines between humanity and technology is coming to Scienceworks in April 2021.

Originating from Questacon – The National Science and Technology Centre in Canberra, Born or Built? Our Robotic Future examines the similarities and differences between humans and machines, contemplating our overlapping future and the choices we will make to get there.

The exhibition encourages curious young minds to explore challenging ethical and philosophical questions about the future of robots and how humans will interact with them. Born or Built? reflects on how sophisticated and humanlike robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) has become, and how technology is continually evolving in every aspect of our lives.

Through a range of hands-on experiences, Born or Built? offers audiences of all ages the opportunity to discover modern technologies and our developing relationship with them, from chatting with a robot, testing a robot’s ability to understand our emotional state and encountering a range of robotic faces to see which one makes you feel the most uncomfortable.

Visitors will learn the long and varied history with prosthetics and medical devices, how technology came to dominate the twentieth century and what increasing automation might mean for our future. Through hands-on and interactive play, visitors will assemble simulated DNA in different configurations and see what kind of human they can create, and explore the amazing array of technologies we can implant or replace in the human body.

‘Museums are a vital source of knowledge for individuals and communities to confidently face the future. For almost thirty years, Scienceworks has been a Melbourne destination for families to explore and ask questions about science and what lies ahead. I have no doubt that Born or Built? will encourage discussion about innovative technologies as they evolve and become more universal.’ said Jonathan Shearer, General Manager, Scienceworks.

‘This exhibition offers an opportunity to investigate topics that confront our society in an interactive and engaging way.’

The exhibition reveals how advanced robotics and AI is becoming more integrated into our lives, but also highlights judgements which will guide us in developing these technologies. Born or Built? Our Robotic Future will inspire the scientists, programmers and decision-makers of tomorrow.

Source: Scienceworks

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