Cohda Wireless supplies V2X tech to Berlin test bed

Berlin's Strasse des 17. Juni . Source: Cohda Wireless

iMOVE partner, the Adelaide-based Cohda Wireless, will supply some of its V2X technology to a test bed in central Berlin.

The Digitally Connected Protocol Track (or DigiNet-PS) urban test bed is located on a section of Strasse des 17, and is one of the first test environments of its type in Germany. The core elements of the DigiNet-PS are:

  • the creation of a Smart City reference architecture
  • the development of the vehicle software
  • integration and testing in a real environment

Dr Manzoor Ahmed Khan, DigiNet-PS’ technical lead spoke to the objectives of the project:

‘To attain the objectives of Level 5 autonomous driving, we need to improve the perception of the vehicles beyond what is created by on-vehicle sensors. In DigiNet-PS, we achieve this by creating perception of road segments through on-road deployed sensors and share it with vehicles.’

The video below provides an overview of the project. The audio is German, but is subtitled in English.

Cohda’s involvement

Cohda Wireless will supply its MK5 On-Board Units and Road-Side Units along the Berlin test bed route.

Professor Paul Alexander, Chief Technical Officer at Cohda Wireless sees the challenging ambitions and urban environment of DigiNet-PS as an excellent opportunity to display the capabilities and reliability of Cohda Wireless’ V2X equipment:

‘There is scope for us to demonstrate our V2X-Locate technology, which enables accurate positioning of vehicles in environments where GNSS performs poorly such as urban canyons, tunnels and underground car-parks. The DigiNet-PS site includes an underground car-park where we can also demonstrate this world-leading positioning solution.’

Lightpole V2X tech, and the Victory Column (Siegessäule). Source: Cohda Wireless.

Lightpole V2X tech, and the Victory Column (Siegessäule). Source: Cohda Wireless.

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