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It’s been very pleasing to see the iMOVE CRC project portfolio expanding over the last 12 months. Our partners have demonstrated their commitment to getting initiatives off the ground, resulting in the initiation of 17 projects, with more in the pipeline.

We don’t rest on our laurels however. There are many potentials in the world of transport and mobility, and we want to turn as many of them as we can into actuals. In order to do this we are taking a multi-pronged approach. This includes working with partners to get their projects going, and organising workshops to enable participants to find like-minded project partners. Whether it is an R&D project, supporting a PhD study, engaging with undergraduates, or getting involved in events by speaking and facilitating, there are many ways to be involved.

Whilst remaining committed to our initial participants, we are also keen to expand our range of projects, and aim to embrace additional organisations into iMOVE and its projects. We are actively looking to add to our R&D activities in Australia with both local and international organisations.

So where do the project ideas come from? Most of them come from individual participants addressing their own challenges and opportunities in the transport and mobility space. However from our discussions with many of you we find the same issues being raised in multiple places. That drives us to look for ways to bring people together and help them initiate projects jointly.

iMOVE is running events in order to achieve these collaborations, the most recent of which was the iMOVE Vulnerable Road User workshop. This event was run in conjunction with partners Transport and Main Roads Queensland, and Arup, and has seen the formation of a working group to examine all available and emerging technologies to protect vulnerable road users. It has issued a call for solutions to VRU issues as the first step towards trialling and implementing practical ways to reduce our road toll. Our recent data workshop also generated several continuing conversations with a view to developing projects, particularly in the freight area – watch this space.

Transport of Tomorrow Symposium

If you want to be involved, it helps enormously to join the conversation as early as possible. We encourage you to participate in events whether or not you are a participant in the iMOVE CRC.

To that end we have organised an important symposium, Transport of Tomorrow, that will focus on the opportunities we face to improve the movement of people in our cities. The symposium includes four deep dive sessions, which are facilitated conversations to create ideas and connect like-minded people for future action. They will look at traveller choices and experiences, the transition to CAVs on our roads, moving people in urban areas, and creating a transport ecosystem.

We expect you will want to participate in and contribute to these discussions, and we warmly invite you to join us. If you haven’t already registered for symposium, please do so soon. Contact our communications manager, Jackie, if you want more information or access to a group discount.

I’d also like to say a big thank you to our symposium partners Cubic Transportation Systems, iag, Aurecon, and ITS Australia, who are helping us facilitate these conversations.

ITS World Congress 2019

Finally, we hope to see many of you at the ITS World Congress in Singapore in October (2019) too. iMOVE will be participating in the ITS-A Australia stand, and would be keen to work with you to get the most benefit for this important event. Please let me know how we can co-promote and support each other, and develop content for the Congress about Australian activities.

I look forward to talking with you in March (2019)!

Author: Ian Christensen

Ian is the Managing Director of iMove CRC. He’s excited by the opportunity presented by the digitisation revolution to address the needs of the transport and mobility sectors, and looks forward to combining his CRC leadership experience with his interests in technology, enthusiasm for national progress, and familiarity with industry.

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