Cubic’s Matt Cole: MaaS Influencer of the Year

Source: Cubic Transportation Systems

Cubic Transportation Systems’ Matt Cole has been named Business Mobility as a Service’s MaaS influencer of the year.

Cole is the President of Cubic Transportation Systems (CTS) Business Division, and Vice President of Cubic Corporation. He was the creator of the CTS NextCity, an integrated system of travel payment and information, and city management of transport.

Cole was also the author of the recent report, Mobility as a Service: Putting Transit Front and Center of the Conversation.

“I’m incredibly honoured by the award which I accept on behalf of my entire team at CTS. Over the last year, my goal has been to accelerate the MaaS evolution and set clear objectives for responsible, people-centered and socially inclusive MaaS,” said Cole.

“Being recognised as a top industry influencer in this area will allow me to drive this idea further and in particular, encourage real industry discussion about the importance of the role of public transit agencies in the future of mobility.”

Cubic Transportation Systems had more recognition at the BMaaS Awards, with its Director of Strategy, Andy Cole, shortlisted for Best Influencer (Individual), and the company itself shortlisted for Best Influencer (Company).


Matt Cole from Cubic Transportation Systems

10 objectives for Mobility as a Service

On the Meeting of the Minds website, Cole recently published a piece called 10 Objectives for Assessing Mobility as a Service (MaaS). From it, here are what he thinks should be those objectives for Mobility as a Service:

  1. Limit congestion, particularly during peak travel periods
  2. Reduce car ownership, car usage and the number of vehicles on roads
  3. Use existing infrastructure more effectively and create economies of scale
  4. Ease pressure on the transportation network
  5. Enable better traffic and capacity management
  6. Improve the customer experience by presenting the transportation network as an integrated system
  7. Cater to all travellers, young and old, able and less-able, the wealthy and the economically disadvantaged
  8. Create a model that supports the funding of infrastructure
  9. Lessen the overall environmental impact of transportation
  10. Work in a driver-controlled and autonomous environment

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