Our home, our castle, our carer?

Our homes may soon play a vital role in our aged care following trials of digital assisted living, or ‘smart’ homes, in Victoria.

The role of in-home technology in aged care will be the focus of Professor Rajesh Vasa, Deputy Director, Deakin Software & Technology Innovation Laboratory, Deakin University, at the 2017 ATSE National Technology Challenges Dialogue titled The Crisis in Ageing – Technology to Manage the Challenges in Healthcare which will take place on 14 June 2017 in Brisbane and be attended by entrepreneurs, decision makers, government officials, researchers, academics and business leaders.

“The availability of low-cost sensors and recent advances in artificial intelligence has allowed us to create a platform to improve health care with an initial focus on aged care,” said Professor Vasa, who is passionate about solving high impact problems using data science, artificial intelligence and complex software systems design.

“The philosophical focus of our platform was to create a technology that is non-intrusive and near invisible. In effect, we chose an interaction model that assumes that you want to live in a home, rather than interact with it deeply.

“Similarly, we also considered the emotional goals of residents, carers and families in the user interface that we chose to create.

“Peace of mind for the elderly and their families and helping people to remain independent for longer into later life are just two of the advantages digital assisted living may offer.

“Insights from our recent trails, the design choices we made and why they matter will help to guide future machine intelligence developments to create better digital assisted living systems,” he concluded.

Source: ATSE

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