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iMOVE Board of Directors: Call for director nominations 2021

In preparation for the director elections that will be held at this year’s AGM on 18 November 2021, iMOVE is now inviting nominations for directors.

The iMOVE Board of Directors helps to guide the company to achieve its mission to advance the development and adoption of technologies that improve Australia’s transport systems, through high-impact R&D collaborations. This election creates an opportunity for suitably qualified and skilled candidates to play a proactive role in supporting this mission and the iMOVE team.

In line with the Company constitution, four positions will be spilled and subsequently filled at this year’s election. At least two of these must be filled by independent directors (i.e. people who are not employed by a Participant organisation).

Director nominations must be supported by a member of the iMOVE Australia company. The four positions will be filled by Member vote at the AGM on 18 November 2021.

Nominations must be received at the iMOVE office no later than 28 October 2021.

For more information on how to nominate, or how to become a Member of iMOVE CRC*, please contact iMOVE Company Secretary, Oxana Romanova.

*Members must be existing Participants in iMOVE CRC. Other eligibility criteria apply. Please contact iMOVE.

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