Intelligent transport revolution potential to impact everyone

Intelligent transport systems has the potential to revolutionise mobility, changing everything from our daily commute, our public transport model and the way we move freight across Australia.

Australia now has the incredible opportunity to join the global technological trend and position itself for the future, reaping benefits for individuals, businesses and economy alike.

With this vision in mind, the team at Excellerate Australia have spent 12 months immersed in developing a proposal for a new, national, intelligent transport research centre – the iMOVE CRC.

As with our research centre– Automotive Australia 2020 CRC – the new centre will capitalise on collaborative, industry-focused research and emerging technologies to deliver important economic and social benefits to Australia.

The iMOVE CRC will develop the systems to create fast, reliable and predictable freight networks and increase mobility in our congested cities, by bringing together forward-thinking companies, government departments and researchers that want to be part of the solution.

Who will benefit from iMOVE CRC’s research?

iMOVE CRC will help improve the performance of traffic, freight and public transport. There is not a single person, business or community that is not impacted by traffic, by the limitations of the public transport system, or by the speed we move goods and freight around the country. iMOVE CRC has the potential to have a positive impact on every single Australian.

By working with emerging technologies we will have the chance to develop transport systems that are faster, connected, more reliable, less congested, more convenient and therefore smarter and safer.

Whether you are battling your way to work, waiting at home for a delivery of your recent online purchase, trying to export fresh goods to new markets, rushing to pick up your children from childcare before cut off time, searching for an imported product in the supermarket to make the perfect recipe – every aspect of our lives is affected by our transport systems. By making better use of data and information, and building connections between silos in the system we can make significant improvements to our everyday lives.

What’s more, the issue is global. Every country in the world is grappling with similar challenges. Australian companies that have the smarts to jump on the wave of opportunity to be part of the solution could find themselves a niche in the lucrative global technology market.

How to join the intelligent transport movement

Following the first stage bid submission (March 2016) that was strongly supported by 37 partners, there is a small window of opportunity for additional companies to get involved.

If you are a technology, logistics, food, transport or insurance company aiming to disrupt your industry, or if you just want to stay ahead of the curve, we encourage you to get in touch with us very soon. You can find more information on our prospectus and at

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