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Measurement – it rules

A new national measurement policy statement will touch on the lives of all Australians with benefits for consumers, business and industry alike.

The statement, along with the review of Australia’s measurement laws was announced by Assistant Minister for Industry, Innovation and Science Craig Laundy MP.

“Measurement plays a critical role in the Australian economy and in our science, technology and innovation capabilities,” Mr Laundy said.

“In simple terms, a strong measurement framework protects businesses and consumers by ensuring we all get what we pay for at the cash register.

“This policy statement will help ensure regulations are easier for industry to comply with, and that consumers can have confidence they are receiving what they pay for.

“Every time we buy a litre of milk or export a tonne of wheat, we rely on our national measurement system to guarantee that a litre is, in fact, a litre, and a tonne is a tonne.

“The statement provides a benchmark and ensures the measurement framework supports the needs of Australia’s economy, industry and society today and into the future.”

This statement will inform the use of Australia’s measurement capabilities to best support consumers, business and industry.

The National Measurement Institute will carry out a review of measurement legislation to ensure that Australia’s national measurement laws are equipped for the future. This is the first comprehensive review of measurement legislation since the commencement of the National Measurement Act in 1960.

“The world has changed since 1960. Measurement technology has advanced along with advances in science, technology and innovation. Every aspect of life, every sector of industry depends on ever increasing levels of measurement.

“From nanotechnology to drug testing in sport and weighing tomatoes in the supermarket, our measurement legislation needs to have the flexibility to deal with a modern society and an increasingly digital economy.

“The Australian Government is cutting red tape and actively partnering with industry to advance measurement science,” Mr Laundy said.

Minister Laundy encouraged all industry stakeholders and community groups to contribute to the review.

“This new policy and legislative review shows the National Measurement Institute is working for the future benefit of Australia.”

Options for reform will be presented to government by 2020

Source: Australian Government

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