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New Research Hub to transform industrial processes for separation technologies

A new Australian Research Council (ARC) Research Hub will focus on research that will accelerate Australia’s manufacturing capabilities in separation technologies and machinery, and train the next generation of industry-ready researchers in this important growth area.

ARC Chief Executive Officer, Professor Sue Thomas, welcomed the official opening of the ARC Industrial Transformation Research Hub for Energy-Efficient Separation led by Professor Xiwang Zhang at Monash University.

The new ARC Research Hub is receiving $4 million over five years through the ARC Industrial Transformation Research Hubs scheme, part of the ARC’s Industrial Transformation Research Program.

Professor Thomas said the Research Hub is developing advanced separation materials, innovative products and smart processes to reduce the energy consumption of separation processes used by many important Australian industries.

“This new ARC Research Hub is working with its many collaborating partners to look at ways to significantly cut operational costs for industry through lower electricity consumption, and to deliver improved products,” said Professor Thomas.

“The potential financial value of this ARC Research Hub to Australia is enormous, with so many of our key industries—such as water, mining, chemical, oil and gas—using separation processes that can be transformed to become more energy-efficient with improved technology.

“In addition to delivering this transformation for Australian industry, an important role of ARC Research Hubs is to be a training platform to supply a highly trained workforce that can meet the future needs of our advanced manufacturing sector.

“This ARC Research Hub will create a multi-disciplinary training capability, supplying a highly-skilled workforce for the advanced manufacturing sector, particularly in separation technology, which is a growth area in which Australia can potentially lead the world.”

Researchers based at Monash University will work closely with: The University of Queensland; The University of New South Wales; Victoria University; University of Technology Sydney; Curtin University; Deakin University; Queensland University of Technology; Yale University; Nanjing University; The University of Warwick; and with partner organisations: Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation; Activated Water Technologies Pty Ltd; Rinland Environmental Tech Co Ltd; Jinluo Water Pty Ltd; Flow Systems Pty Ltd; Chemistry Australia Ltd; Zeolite Australia Pty Limited; Jiangsu NJU Environmental Technology Co Ltd; Birtley Industrial Equipment Corporation; Waterwerx Operations Pty Ltd; Ironwood Clean Energy Technologies Pty Ltd; Shanghai Boiler Works Co Ltd; Akvotek Pty Ltd; Jiangsu Easthigh Environmental Holdings Co Ltd; 2D Water Pty Ltd; Aquapoten Co Ltd; Poten Environment Group Co Ltd; Shenzen Innova Nanobodi Co Ltd; Bioactive Materials Pty Ltd; Arrow Energy Pty Ltd; Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation; Baosteel Company; and Shijiangzhuang Chang’an Yucai Building Materials Ltd Company.

The Industrial Transformation Research Hubs scheme fosters collaborative research activity between the Australian higher education sector and industry, designed to focus on strategic outcomes that are not independently realisable.

For more information about this Research Hub, please visit the Monash University website. For more information about the ARC and the Industrial Transformation Research Hubs scheme, visit the ARC website.

Source: ARC

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