New vaccine research hub to open in Perth

Western Australia is set to become the only international hub for the Human Vaccines Project, a globally respected and highly regarded research program which aims to decode the human immune system.

The unique project has the potential to develop a single vaccine capable of protecting all people against all strains of a particular disease. It aims to accelerate the development of vaccines and immunotherapies against a range of major infectious diseases and cancers.

The Telethon Kids Institute has accepted an invitation to be part of the prestigious project and is the only site dedicated to children. As such, it will lead the paediatric component of this important global research when it moves into its new state-of-the-art home at the Perth Children’s Hospital.

The Perth Children’s Hospital Foundation has realised the significance of the research project and are generously co-funding the initiative with the Telethon Kids Institute.

The new research hub at Telethon Kids Institute will focus on next-generation paediatric vaccines to be given early in life and provide lifelong protection. It will work alongside other innovative research projects at the Institute aiming to wipe out infectious diseases globally.

Professor Tobi Kollmann is an international leader in paediatric infectious diseases – he will move to Perth from Canada to establish the WA hub of the Human Vaccines Project. Professor Kollmann will also join Perth Children’s Hospital as a working doctor for two days a week, enabling WA children to benefit from his expertise.

The Human Vaccines Project is a global not-for-profit organisation with its headquarters in New York, and all other members currently based in North America. The new Perth hub is a major recognition of Western Australia’s role in paediatric research, particularly in vaccines and immunology.

Source: WA Government

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