Nipples, just like a fingerprint, are unique!

Your nipples are one of the many traits belonging to your body that make you who you are. There are many varieties of nipples that exist in the world, each defeating the myth of the ‘perfect nipple’.

Instead of bashing, or should I say, ‘twisting’ our nipples for not looking the way we’d like them to, let’s take a moment to embrace our nipples by pouring a bucket of metaphorical water over our shirts. It’s time for a refreshing new outlook on our nipples.

Nipples come in all shapes and sizes; we’re talking big, small and even long. All are held up by our areolas that grow with our nipples. Nipples tend to increase in size the most (or not at all) during that incredibly bloody period (get it?) of life called puberty. But instead of forcing puberty to take the blame, use the horrendous experience to appreciate your nipples for growing the best they could. I mean hey, they’re sensitive too, and not just in the figurative sense.

So stop comparing your large nipples to dinner plates and start loving them as the gorgeous round suns that they are.

Next up we have the inverted, asymmetrical, flat and hairy nipples. These nipples are unfortunately left in the dark by their owners, from fear of embarrassment. Hairy nipples often pose as a problem to women despite the fact that they are incredibly common. Inverted, flat and asymmetrical nipples also find themselves in this boat due to their unique look.

Of course there’s no shame in wanting to better yourself, especially if it means a confidence boost. If your nipples do tend to bring you down, there are options, but no guarantees.

Breast augmentation is a great way to not only give yourself a little treat but can often mean the possibility of protruding your inverted nipples. If that’s a little too drastic for your pocket and wellbeing, embrace your daring, edgy side and get your nipples pierced! Again, there’s no guarantee it will work but it’s an opportunity to get your adrenaline pumping!

Finally, we have the nipples that come about once you have a baby. There’s no telling what they’ll get up to from the moment you’re pregnant till the first time you breastfeed. They can leak, dry up or even darken in colour!

All of the above are completely normal and are expected during this time in your life. Nipples are a baby’s life source for an average of two years, so remember to think about the tremendous work you’ve accomplished the next time you look down and find a slight leak in your system.

Source: Nicole Montgomery of Trusted Surgeons.

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