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NSW Freight Signal Priority trial – trucks talking to traffic lights

Transport for NSW has begun a three-month trial in which over 100 heavy vehicles have been equipped with technology that will allow them to communicate with traffic lights, a strategy that will aid in reducing traffic congestion.

This connectivity between the trucks and road infrastructure will give trucks a priority, or green wave, and have them spend less time at traffic lights.

“Heavy vehicles take a long time to stop and start, which can cause delays for all road users,” said NSW Minister for Roads, Maritime and Freight Melinda Pavey.

This trial will detect a heavy vehicle approaching traffic lights and provide more green time, which will hopefully show us how we can ease delays for all motorists.”

iMOVE partners behind the trial

The project is being run by Transport for New South Wales and Roads and Maritime Services, using technology from Cohda Wireless, both iMOVE partners.

It will take place on 40 kilometres of well-used freight routes in Pennant Hills, and Parramatta and King Georges roads.

Coordination versus congestion

“We have all experienced the frustration of being stuck behind a truck as it slowly grinds up through the gears once the light turns green. Sometimes the light turns red again before we even reach the intersection. By coordinating traffic lights and trucks we hope to gain evidence of improvements to the flow of traffic on these roads,” said Fabien Cure, Cohda Wireless’ Chief Engineer.

This three-month trial is an extension of an existing system, put in place to to give priority to late-running buses in Sydney.

Worldwide interest

“The results of the trial will be of great interest to a global audience of city transport authorities as it will test whether traffic flow in a defined corridor has improved, the CO2 footprint of the specific intersections has reduced and the amount of fuel saved by the trucks involved.”

Watch how the technology works

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