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NT EPA to take part in PFAS Summit

Representatives from the NT EPA will take part in a summit of international experts and regulators on the environmental regulation of per-and polyfluorinated alkyl substances (PFAS).

Environment Protection Authority Victoria (EPA Victoria) is coordinating the summit, to be held in Melbourne from 4–5 April 2017, on behalf of the Heads of EPAs Australia and New Zealand (HEPA) and the Australian Government Department of Environment and Energy.

The summit will contribute to the development of a PFAS National Management Plan to help ensure good environmental practices are applied consistently to all PFAS contaminated sites across Australia.

PFAS are of emerging global concern because they are persistent in the environment and resistant to normal environmental breakdown.

Summit attendees will include experts in the technical aspects of PFAS from Australian and international regulators.

A representative from the United States Environmental Protection Agency will be among several international guest speakers.

People with an interest in PFAS are invited to watch a live stream of the summit’s keynote speeches on Tuesday, 4 April 2017, from 9am–12.30pm (AEST) on EPA Victoria’s website.

The rest of the summit will consist of a series of workshops involving technical environment experts, Australian regulators and international agencies.

Options for further stakeholder involvement will be considered by Australian environmental regulators following the summit.

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