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WEBINAR: Insights from COVID-era traffic data

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On Wednesday 10 June 2020, iMOVE is hosting a webinar, Insights from COVID-era traffic data – how can we improve the performance and resilience of our transport networks?

We have seen many changes to our patterns of movement over the last few months, and there is considerable thinking happening about how insights we are gaining can be used to our future benefit.

This webinar is a short, sharp look at some of the data trends both in Australia and overseas and a thought starter discussion about potential initiatives that could improve our networks and protect against future disruptions.


  • 11.00 am AEST: Welcome from iMOVE
  • TomTom data insights (10 minutes)
  • Intelematics data insights (10 minutes)
  • Putting data into action (Professor Majid Sarvi, University of Melbourne)
  • 11.35 am: Discussion and Q&A (facilitated by Lee-Ann Breger, iMOVE)
  • 11. 45 am: Finish



Lee-Ann Breger, Programs Director, iMOVE

Having worked across diverse industries in New Zealand and Australia, from universities to public health, health insurance, transport and research, Lee-Ann specialises in supporting partnerships and collaboration that deliver value. She draws on over 20 years of experience in deploying transformational technologies at some of the largest Australasian public and private institutions, including the Capital Markets Cooperative Research Centre (CRC), Medibank, Australia Post, the Auckland District Health Board, and the Auckland Regional Public Health Service.

As part of the foundational team of The Digital Health CRC, Lee-Ann was involved in the successful bid for a $220m, 6-year program. She has recently joined iMOVE Australia which combines the collective efforts of industry and academic partners in delivering applied research that adds value and impact to the Australian economy.

John Cardoso, Senior Product Manager, Intelematics

With his extensive background in product, data analytics and monetisation of data in the IoT space, John is a Senior Product Manager at Intelematics. Before joining Intelematics, John worked in various industries from manufacturing to travel and government. John has particular interests in consumer insights and digital marketing where he ran global partnerships with companies including Facebook, Microsoft, and Google.

Phil Allen, VP Sales- APAC, TomTom

Phil’s focus is on enterprise and government, traffic engineering, geospatial, fleet operators and web and mobile developers. His objective is to establish the TomTom brand as the number one supplier of map and traffic content in the region and to assist TomTom customers to maximise the value from our data with custom web and mobile apps. Phil’s responsibility covers the region from Japan across to India and down to Australia and New Zealand which incorporates over 500m people.

Previous to this role, Phil was the CEO of GeoSmart, a mapping and traffic data supplier for car navigation, geospatial, web and mobile applications focused on NZ and Australia which TomTom purchased as a two-stage investment through the period of December 2013 to 30 May 2014.

Professor Majd Sarvi, Chair in Transport Engineering, the professor in Transport for Smart Cities, and the program director of ‘Transport Technologies’ at the University of Melbourne

Majid Sarvi is the founder and the director of the AIMES (Australian Integrated Multimodal EcoSystem). AIMES is the world’s first and largest connected urban testing ecosystem for implementing and testing of emerging connected transport technologies at large scale and in complex urban environments which involves over 40 partners from government and leading Australian and global industry partners.

He has over 23 years of professional, academic and research experience in the areas of traffic and transport engineering. His research is multidisciplinary with international outlook and both theoretically oriented and applied in nature. His fields of research cover a range of topics, including: connected multimodal transport network, crowd dynamic modelling and simulation and network vulnerability assessment and optimisation.


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