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Defence pathways to AMC open for TAFE SA graduates

Naval Shipbuilding College delivery advisory council
The Naval Shipbuilding College’s Delivery Advisory Council (L-R): Nick Howie, NSC; Tim Rawlings, PWC Skills for Australia; Phil Heggie, TAFE NSW; Mark Scott, NSC; Aaron Ingram, AMC, University of Tasmania; Penny Johnston, TAFE SA; Paul Whetstone, NSC; Julie Pisano, TAFE SA, and Brenda Micale, South Metropolitan TAFE WA.

TAFE SA has welcomed the new education pathways for its graduates of the Associate Degree and Diploma of Engineering – Technical with the announcement of guaranteed entry into the Australian Maritime College’s Bachelor of Engineering programs, including Naval Architecture.

It has also been announced that TAFE SA Diploma of Project Management students will receive direct entry and credit into the Bachelor of Global Logistics and Maritime Management at the AMC in Launceston.

These new higher education pathways and credit transfers open up more opportunities for TAFE SA graduates to expand their options to support Australia’s Naval Shipbuilding Plan.

AMC Principal Professor Shuhong Chai said that taking a national approach to training and education would help ensure the success of national endeavours such as the continuous naval shipbuilding program.

“We are delighted to partner with TAFE SA on these study pathways, providing South Australian students with new opportunities to advance their skills and broaden their career prospects. The growing maritime defence sector has led to high demand for talented naval architects, engineers, logisticians and project managers – training a steady flow of skilled graduates to fulfil these positions will be critical.

“AMC’s unique role as the national institute for maritime education and training means we are well-positioned to partner with state-based TAFEs to help train and build that workforce. Many of our maritime engineering and logistics management graduates go on to carve out careers within Defence and the multinational organisations that serve the sector in the fields of engineering, shipbuilding, design and sustainment.”

TAFE SA Director, Defence Industries, Penny Johnston, said that TAFE SA was pleased to be providing these new pathways for careers in this rapidly growing industry.

“TAFE SA has a strong track record of supporting the training needs of the naval shipbuilding industry, and we are ensuring that we play our part to ensure a skilled workforce is available for the exciting opportunities that lie ahead,” Ms Johnston said.

“Vocational education has a critical role to play in building the capacity and ability of the shipbuilding workforce and we are pleased that our qualifications have been recognised as providing a valuable pathway to the Australian Maritime College’s bachelor degrees.

“We need to build an awareness of the viable career paths available within the defence sector, while also support existing workers to retrain and upskill to take advantage of the opportunities that are emerging.

“The expansion of the current range of high-school based defence industry pathway programs encouraging students into shipbuilding and advanced manufacturing careers will also lead to greater numbers of apprentices and students in TAFE SA’s shipbuilding-focused qualifications.

“At TAFE SA, we will continue working closely with the defence industry and other education providers to ensure we have the capacity and capability to accommodate the increased demand for new defence and shipbuilding skills across a wide range of jobs.”

TAFE SA is working closely with the AMC and the Naval Shipbuilding College to maximise skills for the Future Frigates and Future Submarine programs.

For course and application information, please call TAFE SA on 1800 882 661 or go to the website.

Source: UTAS

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