Medical scientists call for clinical trial space at new RAH

Professionals Australia is urging the South Australian Government to urgently address the absence of space for clinical trials in the new Royal Adelaide Hospital.

Sarah Andrews, South Australian Director of Professionals Australia, said that medical scientists had expressed concern that no appropriate space to accommodate clinical trials has been allocated at the new site, leading to calls for the Government to immediately establish a trial centre there.

“The new hospital will provide vital treatment to South Australians, and is an important investment for the State,” said Ms Andrews. “However unless SA Health can accommodate clinical trials at this new site, the hospital’s medical capacity and the health outcomes of South Australians may be compromised.

“Currently the new RAH does not provide space for clinical trials, doesn’t provide room for essential files and doesn’t have room for trial specific equipment. This is a serious concern.

“Medical scientists agree that a proposed site across the road from the new RAH could provide an appropriate solution to the problem and are urging SA Health to immediately establish an appropriate clinical trial centre.

“Clinical trials are incredibly important, and medical scientists are warning that without this vital medical service South Australian patients stand to lose an important treatment option.

“Clinical trials provide treatments for cancer patients who have exhausted all other options, world leading stroke treatments, and treatment plans for patients who are unable to receive standard treatment.

“Clinical trials also provide highly effective, high-cost treatments at no cost to the state and generate around $5 million in medical funding per year.

“Another concern is that without an adequate trial centre, South Australia risks losing some of its best medical scientists to other States as they will no longer have access to adequate equipment or support here.

“Australian medical scientists are among the best in the world, and clinical trials have seen some of the most important breakthroughs in treatment and medicine, we need SA Health to make sure that we are able to support this workforce so that they can continue doing their important work.

“By failing to allocate vital accommodation for these trials, SA Health risks jeopardising the health of thousands of South Australians who already participate in clinical trials.

“We have written to the SA Minister for Health, and look forward to working constructively with the Government to remedy this issue before the new site opens,” said Ms Andrews.

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