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University of Melbourne Professor of Neurology Helmut Butzkueven has won a major research award for his work developing the world’s largest Multiple Sclerosis database.

Professor Butzkueven has won the 2017 Research Australia Data Innovation Award, presented in Melbourne on Thursday 5 October 2017.

Professor Butzkueven is a NHMRC Practitioner Fellow in the Department of Medicine, Royal Melbourne Hospital, and Managing Director of the MSBase Foundation.

He co-ordinates national and international outcomes for Multiple Sclerosis research. The successful real-world MS registry MSBase has led to a vibrant investigator network spanning more than 110 MS centres in 33 countries following more than 55,000 patients.

The data is used to understand disease trends and epidemiology globally, and to optimise treatment decisions and algorithms.

“This award is a wonderful recognition of the highly motivated and passionate MSBase team,” Professor Butzkueven says.

“It’s gratifying to represent almost 20 years of work from so many people.”

The Research Australia Data Innovation Award is presented to an individual or team that has developed the most innovative method of gathering and sharing data in a way that advances health and medical research.

Research Australia Chief Executive Officer Nadia Levin says MS Base is evidence of Australian innovation on a global scale which is improving the lives of patients.

“We don’t know why some treatments work better for some people living with MS than others. That’s where data, on the scale collected by MS Base, is so necessary,” Ms Levins says.

Source: UoM

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